About Faros Properties LLC

Faros implements an investment strategy on a deal by deal basis. The target markets are generally urban, knowledge-based economies and include the primary markets of Boston, New York, Washington, D.C, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. These target markets have highly educated work forces and high concentrations of colleges, universities and teaching hospitals. In addition, these markets have constraints on new supply, as well as strong, long-term growth prospects.

Constraints on New Supply:

Preferring markets where it is more difficult or expensive for competitive supply to be brought on line

Primary and Secondary Markets:

Typically targeting larger markets that appeal to most institutional investors and offer greater liquidity

Strong Long-Term Demand Fundamentals:

Placing an emphasis on markets that have broad, diverse economies and are dominated by industries with strong, long-term growth prospects

Opportunities to Capitalize on Market Inefficiencies:

Looking for assets that possess strong fundamentals, but that may be impaired or undervalued due to excess leverage, temporary market illiquidity or weak ownership

Opportunities to Apply Operating Expertise:

Looking for opportunities to add value to assets through operating skills and expertise (This includes releasing, repositioning, restructuring the capitalization or redevelopment)